7 April 2024

Today we are saddened to hear that one of our members Stuart Alton, has sadly passed away, our heart felt condolences goes out to all the family of Stuart who will sadly be missed by all
Stuart has been with us ever since our very first pop up event in Stockport Town center when we opened for the first time.
Rest well Stuart ūüíú
Ben, Angela and Lee

12 February 2024

Due to our very successful, first of it's type event 'Clash of Abilities' recently and the positive impacts and many comments to us directly, in messages and on posts, we, as a committee, made some changes going forwards.
People told us, they were inspired and humbled by our event and how fantastic it was, to bring all abilities together.
We have made the decision, that Stockport Disability Darts League, whilst keeping its name and logo, will now be opened up to be fully inclusive to all from 17th March 2024.

11 February 2024

Hi to you all.
Here are the dates for this year.
Sunday as usual 12.00- 4.00pm.

29 January 2024

An absolutely fantastic day at Stockport Disability Darts League yesterday holding the very first event of its kind "The Clash of Abilities" sponsored by our ambassador Nathan Aspinall
Sunday saw 64 players of every ability, youth, disabled and able-bodied players from all age ranges compete against one another on a level playing field " This is just one reason why we have become the UK's No1 leading darts organisation for inclusion"
"The Clash of Abilities" is our very own copyrighted event and we are so proud and pleased to announce this will now be an annual event supported and backed by our ambassador Nathan The Asp Aspinall.
Huge thanks goes out to Chris Skelly and his wife Patricia Skelly for all their hard work and support.
The amazing team of volunteers that we have Lee Turner @Angela Birch and @Martin Hurley.
Our fantastic venue Stockport Lads Club.
Equipment sponsors Winmau Darts Red Dragon Darts UK.
Trophy sponsor Bullydarts Runcorn.
All of the prizes donated by both Asda Reddish and https://www.facebook.com/asdastockport
We would like to also thank the wider darting community that attended our event, including Stockport Darts.


12 January 2024

Here is the official poster, for our first of its kind event, as we are the UK's leading darts organisation for inclusivity.
The gloves are off and its time to show what disability darts players are made of.
'Clash of Abilities' which will take place at Stockport Lad's Club on Hempshaw Lane, Offerton on Sunday 28th January, doors open at 11.00 games start promptly at 12.00 with an expected finish time of around 5.00pm.
** Please note that this event is open to all disability darts players**
Massive shout out to our ambassador Nathan Aspinall, for the sponsorship of this event.
Special thanks to Kev at Harveyboard Print & Digital for our fabulous poster.
Any companies that would like to sponsor an oche for this event, please do get in touch.
Registration information, prize pot and further details to follow on Monday 15th January.

5 January 2024

Hi to you all.
We have kept prices locked for the last two years, they have now increased as follows.
Yearly membership is £10.00
Monthly subs is £5.00
**Cash is preferable please, due to rising charges on card machines**

2 January 2024

Just to let everyone that the football card we ran for daves darts shirt, in memory of Dave Swindells raised a fantasic ūüéĮ ¬£180ūüéĮ which was today donated to the pdsa in daves name.

1 December 2023

Today I have to tell you the sad news that Dave Swindells passed away yesterday
Dave was a massive supporter of SDDL and it was always a pleasure to see him.
Rest in peace Dave,

27 October 2023

When 2 Stockport lads pop into the UK's leading disability darts organisation for inclusion, to support an event we hosted
Nathan Aspinall O'Shea Tony

13 September 2023

A massive thankyou to our newest supporters @Asda Stockport
For their incredible donation of over £450, this has enabled us to buy extra, much needed tablets and other equipment, this equipment will go a long way to helping us put even more smiles on the faces of people with disabilities and our Stockport Junior Darts Academy members
We met Wes one of the Stockport Town center stores managers today and recieved our cheque, also a massive thankyou toMandy and Laura the community champions at their respective stores
Thank you to all at AsdaūüéĮ

17 August 2023

We looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, 20th August 12-4pm at the lads club
Don't forget new members are always welcomed to come and play on our 10 purpose built fully accessible darts ochesūüéĮūüéĮ

3 July 2023

A great day yesterday at the Stockport lads club open day with the Kings representative the Lord Lieutenant of Manchester, there will be more future contact regarding what we do and provide plus our youth academy and why we are the leading darts organisation for inclusion in the UK


16th May 2023

We would like to thank Diane for all her hard work with our junior darts group and SDDL, she's done a fantastic job with running the leagues for us, we are truly saddened to see her go, as one of our valued volunteers and look forward to her calling in at our darts when time permits.
Thank you to Angela Birch who is now stepping in to run the leagues for both groups.

1st May 2023

Well what an amazing weekend of darts at both Stockport Disability Darts league and Stockport Junior darts academy.
Both organisations saw members we haven't seen for a while return, new members for both organisations, one of our members winning the Danish Open and an amazing donation from a darts shop.
Saturday saw our fully accredited JDC Junior Darts Corporation start season 3, each player snx new members got to play there league games followed by the JDC challenge grading round where we saw some great darts thrown , with a few members realising the areas they could with a bit more practice in etc and some players even surprised theirself with how well they are improving under the coaching and mentoring of our fantastic volunteers and the session ended with a 9 dart challenge using our exclusive training aid, which has now been endorsed by our amazing ambassador Nathan Aspinall, more on that when we do the official release!
We also had a VIP guest visit us travelling from Runcorn Daniel Wheatley from Bullydarts Runcorn
A few weeks ago we put out a plea for help as after 3 and a half years of service our dart board lights, transformers and transformers for our electronic scorers had started to fail.
As a non profit volunteer led organisation we rely on the generosity of many people, organisations and businesses @Bullydarts Runcorn answered this plea.
Daniel contacted us to say that he owned a darts shop in Runcorn and would be more than happy to supply us with all the equipment we had asked for which ūüíĮ blew myself and our team of volunteers clean out of the water.¬† Without batting an eyelid Daniel donated to us 12 Mission Darts mission Torus 270 dart board lights (¬£67.95 each retail value) and 10 brand new Ton machine scorer transformers, all of which totals around ¬£1000 in equipment
Here's what Daniels donation means to us, We as a responsible and reactive organisation observe and listen to the needs of the members of both of our organisations SDDL and SJDA, it means that our smaller players now can reach their darts, without leaning backwards to reach over a light ring whilst on a step, and our wheelchair users can also reach their darts without over streching or twisting their torso whilst sat in their wheel chairs and people using walking aids now can now easily retrieve their darts in a safer manner and people with visual impairment now don't have to worry about catching the light ring too.
Daniel you've helped us directly impact so many lives of youth players and players with disabilities in so many ways I couldn't write it all here, So once again thank you so much for your generosity and support for what we do, as this is another step that continues to make both our organisations the UK's leading darts organisation for inclusion of all
Sunday saw the first use of our new equipment and the benefits the equipment brought our players was instant with comments from all about how he change of lights had greatly helped them.
Again it was an absolute joy to see players return to our venue who had travelled from Scarborough, Leeds, Preston and darwen to play aswell as people attending for the first time
All had a minimum of 3 league games and of course a bonus round, again using our exclusive training aid
We also heard that our very own gent of gents Michael Callaghan had won the Danish Open whilst playing in Denmark ūüá©ūüáį, so a massive congratulations to Michael we are all so proud of you and hopefully you will bring your trophy to both our organisations ūüŹÜūüŹÜūüŹÜūüŹÜ
Last but not least a massive thankyou to our volunteers who stepped up whilst we were a person down, I consider our volunteers to be yhe best in the world, without you guys both organisations just couldn't operate and provide what we do to so many
Stockport Disability Darts league and Stockport Junior darts academy are always open to new members and volunteer opportunities
It's also with so much gratitude we thank all of our friends, supporters and sponsers, without your generosity and support we just couldn't impact on so many people lives the way we do
Thank you for everything you all do for us, without your input and support we just couldn't be the UK's leading darts organisation for inclusion
Thank you all so so much

7th February 2023

ūüéĮ¬†Our first meeting back at the lads club in on Sunday 26th February, all memberships require renewing, if you would like the new membership and code of conduct emailing so you can print them off and fill them in so you can bring them with you please message the page with your email address as this will maximise your darts session ūüéĮ
We look forward to seeing you all back on yhe oches for another amazing season of darts

31st January 2023

Well it's been like Christmas morning all over again at SDDL hq, this morning we received our yearly allocation of darts equipment for both Stockport Disability Darts league and Stockport Junior darts academy from our amazing sponsers Winmau Darts , We have over 20 blade 6 darts boards, 5 JDC Junior Darts Corporation greenzone boards, new surrounds and new Red Dragon Darts UK stage signs, its an absolute privilege to work with both darts company's,
Regarding our old used equipment we will set aside a few of the better boards and surrounds donate them to a few Disability support/youth groups and sell some, any equipment we sell all funds raised will be ploughed back into both the disability and youth darts to hopefully make things even bigger and better

4th December 2022

Sunday 18th December 2022 is our last SDDL of this year and we are combining our Stockport Junior Darts Academy with Stockport Disability Darts League.
Structure of the day:
11.00 Doors open
11.00 - 12.30 Is an opportunity to play bonus games (for all)
11.30 - 12.30 Junior darts grading
12.15 -12.30 Registration for the games between the groups
12.45 - 14.45 Games between the groups
14.45 - 15.00 A seasonal guest appearance
15.00 - 16.00 Awards presentation

17th November 2022

Our Code of Conduct has been updated.  Click to find out more.


26th September 2022


Another fantastic afternoon at SDDL with our lovely members.
Following analytical research at our Stockport Junior Darts Academy, we are thrilled and proud to announce, that we now have our very own diverse and inclusive range of training aids, all are subject to copyright ¬©ÔłŹ
Prices to be confirmed and orders will be taken from 01/10/2022.


31st August 2022


Last week I visited St Helens Darts Shop to pick up some darts accessories.
Karl has been a supporter of SDDL since we started and gave us some fantastic deals while i was there, the shop is stocked to the rafters literally with everything a darts player or organisation could wish for.
Karl has also now pledged a 10% discount on any accessories and equipment any of of members may need this discount also covers our Stockport Junior Darts Academy
To get the discount all you have to do is produce your membership card
Thanks again to Karl and @St Helens Darts Shop for all of your amazing support


28th August 2022


As promised here is the league results!


28th August 2022


Stockport Disability Darts League will be open for our last meeting of the year 12 December 2021
Covid guidelines are back in place so leave a message here if you are unsure or haven't attended for a while


10th August 2022


Below is the list of the new session dates.
These are now confirmed and will not change,
ūüéĮ session's will run 12-4pmūüéĮ
August 28th
September 25th
October 30th
November 27th
December tbc


24th July 2022


Well today was just brilliant and returned to myself all of the reasons why SDDL was set up!
Today we saw a cracking number of new members, people who drove from as far as Crewe and further afield to enjoy what makes us the leading darts organisation for inclusive darts in the UK!
Through our own research and development of the game we were able to help a member today and the results were fantastic for our member.  Stuart attended today feeling fine however due to ailments he started to suffer sight impairment, as we have worked in the past with our equipment sponsors Winmau Darts development team we know how to handle vision impairment, Stuart had been hitting low scores whilst playing against myself when I asked if he was ok, Stuart replied that he was struggling to see the board, we were able to there and then change the board for a board we knew through our research would help.
We rapidly fitted our sight impairment board with the correct colours for visual impairment, and with in a few chucks of his darts Stewart was back on an even play setting, coming over and telling me he had fired in his first 100+ of the session.
It's been an amazing day of Darts for all and can't wait for the next session!
And a massive thank you to all our new members for your kind comments.


24th July 2022


Another brilliant day at SDDL.
Putting smiles on faces and helping people to enjoy darts with our purpose built oches and boards.


16th June 2022


Winmau Press Release


23rd April 2022


Stockport Disability Darts League and Stockport Junior Darts Academy are proud to announce that since 01/12/2021 Winmau Darts Red Dragon Darts UK will be our official sponsors for the next 3 years, bringing the very best Darts equipment to our members we will now be using the new Winmau balde 6 boards.


31st March 2022


A massive thank you to Maz and everyone that drinks @railway A6 near Georges Rd Stockport
They raised an amazing £180.10 which is greatly received by SDDL as this will help us continue to put smiles on the faces of people with any disabilities and their carers
It's fund raising like this that helps keep us going, and all helps towards new and extra equipment and venue hire.


7th February 2022


Stockport Disability Darts League is back open this Sunday 13th February,
Please don't forget all membership fees are due(£7.50p per year), and subs, unless you have a membship card that states otherwise


4th February 2022


A massive thank you to Harveyboard Print & Digital for sorting the banners out for two of our newest sponsers, as always a fantastic job and service, over 3 years Harveyboard have supported us now
A massive thankyou to Training People Consultancy Limited and PEACH - Professional Engineering Adaptations Commercial and Home for your faith in sponsoring some of our purpose built disability and youth oches, your help is vital to help us give opportunities and put smiles on the faces of people with disabilities, carers and the youth of today
If your company is interested in sponsoring and helping disability and youth sport please get in touch



24th January 2022


Stockport Disability Darts League are so proud to be working exclusively with Training People Consultancy Limited to bring people with disabilities and their carers a suite of courses aimed at employment.


16th January 2022


Good evening all
As we approach the first meeting on 13th February 2022, this is to inform all that there will be a small increase to fees as follows,
Membership,: £7.50, which must be paid by the end February 2022,
Subs, £3,00, this is to be paid up on arrival to Lee our treasurer
The membership fee will stand all year round irrelevant of what month you join, the fees paid for the membership will stand until 31st December 2022.


12th December 2021


Semi finals.
Tasha 0 v John burgess 2.
Mike c 2 v Alan Collins 1.
Final .
Mike Callaghan 3 v John burgess 1.
Well done Mike
Unlucky John.
Great effort by all, brilliant afternoon.
Have a great Xmas see you all in 2022.
New sponsorship TBA too.


12th December 2021


Dates for your diary 2022 ūüéĮ
February 13th and 27th
March 13 and 27th
April 10th and 24th
May 8th and 22nd
June 12 and 26th
July 10th and 24th
August 7th and 21st
September 4th and 18th
October 02nd and 16th
November 06th and 20th
December 4th and 18th
All dates are now confirmed, events are sponsored so some amazing stuff will be happening at SDDL in 2022


12th December 2021


Stockport Disability Darts League will be open for our last meeting of the year 12 December 2021
Covid guidelines are back in place so leave a message here if you are unsure or haven't attended for a while


28th November 2021


For those that missed today, there been some announcements including the below pic.
SDDL now have a range of merchandise that will soon be put into production, 1st out is our brand new player personal log book, where you can record the practice and matches you've played
Much more to come along with more announcements.


23rd November 2021


Stockport Disability Darts League will be open as usual this Sunday, I will keep the time to 1-5pm for this meeting and will announce our new times on Sunday,
We are inclusive of all disabilities, gender, and of course carers


3rd October 2021


Stockport Disability Darts League will be open this Sunday 1-5pm Stockport Lads Club We cater for all disabilities,
Stockport Disability Darts League is the only Darts organisation that caters for the whole spectrum of disabilities and will always be the first that included carers,
For more information call Ben


22nd September 2021


We are open this Sunday 1-5pm at Stockport Lads Club ūüéĮ
We are open to all disabilities and carers.
New members are always welcome whether it's to play darts or for the social experience, come in for a game or one of Jo's burgers and a brew
For more information or to book your first time visit contact Ben on;
Or email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Please note we are still operating limited numbers in the venue and temperature checks, call for more details if needed)


12th September 2021


Stockport Disability Darts League has a World Champion\!
Introducing the new Ladies WDDA and WINMAU world singles darts champion, Stockport Disability Darts Leagues very own
We are all sooooo proud of you Mandie!


31st August 2021


Well what a fantastic weekend of darts we saw this weekend with the youth academy travelling over to Blackburn to play in the JDC Green zone tour, and our disability darts league in action 9n Sunday!


13th August 2021


A massive thank you to @Greg Sangster and everyone involved with Greg’s Raffles for your donation of £100 which will go towards much needed equipment.
Greg had a massive battle with covid-19 including being induced into a coma, please read his covid story below.
As an after effect Greg still battles the effects of long covid and has made an amazing recovery so far hence his efforts to raise much needed funds for SDDL
Thank you so much Greg it's massively appreciated by everyone here at Stockport Disability Darts League


27th July 2021


I always said we would get sddl into the bright lights and we have with our new advertising campaign!
A mahooooosive thank you to Harveyboard Print & Digital who's designed formatted the digital design and had our new fliers printed!
So to celebrate we want to see your selfies with the big screen advert in the background the funnier the better and after 4weeks from now we will pick the winner!, who will receive a signed photo of our ambassador Nathan Aspinall ( The AspūüéĮ) , a sddl darts patch and a set of Target carrera darts!!
The advert is played on loop, on the big screen in Mersey way Shopping centre!!


24th July 2021


It gives myself, our governance and committee great pleasure to announce that for the last 2 years we have been in talks about our newest project which is: "SDDL disability sport and support hub".
Over recent weeks we have held talks with cabinet ministers, Nathan Aspinall, Parasport UK, and our newest partners Stockport County Community Foundation.
We have also gained massive support from other celebrities and agency's, all of which has now achieved huge credibility for us and what we stand for, allowing us to keep moving forward.
We are now in a position to lobby for a fully equipped disability sports and support hub, located within central Stockport that will also cater for carers needs too.
The facility ideally will house multiple disability sports with a sensory sports section, either run by existing organisations or by ourselves, it will also house a fully equipped eating area, and retail section included within all of this, it will also be the social support aspect for the full spectrum of disability and yes this will be a fully inclusive centre, allowing where possible able bodied persons to take part in some sports too.
During discussions with cabinet ministers regarding potential sites to be housed, on Debenhams, The Stockroom or Stockport Library (should the library be permanently relocated and would ensure the building remains accessible for the community and used by the people of Stockport) or a purpose built provision which would be the first one of it's kind in the country.
Look out for our advertisements on the large screen in Merseyway about SDDL and our Junior Darts Academy.
We will update you as and when we have further and fuller information.


22nd July 2021


So proud of our meeting today with Stockport County Community Foundation who are more than happy to partner us as we move forward with our fully inclusive disability sports hub project.
For this project to be called a "potential legacy" for Stockport is amazing and shows both the ethos of Sddl and Scfc community foundation are one and the same.
So a massive thank you to Stockport County Community Foundation Soccer Schools for your backing and support and all of us at Stockport Disability Darts League.
We look forward to many more positive meetings and getting the sports hub up and running.


10th July 2021


Dates for the rest of this year 2021 are as follows,
25th July
15th & 29th August
12th & 26th September
17th & 31st October
14th & 28th November
12th December


10th July 2021


What a fantastic surprise this morning brought in the form of another 4 disability darts oches!!
A massive thank you to Harry, Jo and the committee at Stockport Lads Club for everything you do for us.
Stockport Disability Darts League can now boast 10 purpose built disability darts oches, and 3 disability darts frames taking our total to 26 playable boards, easily making us the No1, premiere disability darts venues in the UK, time to fundraise for the equipment now as we are totally non funded at the moment!
We will now be looking for local businesses to help with a good few sponsorship ideas available!


30th June 2021


Please meet and welcome the SDDL "Governance Team":  Angela Birch and Laura Booth.
Angela brings a wealth of knowledge of compliance, safeguarding, business, marketing and employability and more.
Laura, is a former town mayor of Stockport, and brings so much knowledge of council issues, disability and disability issues and so much more.
As SDDL move forward in disability darts, our youth academy and with our disability sports hub project these two ladies will play a vital role ensuring everything we do is done in the correct and lawful manner.
I just want to thank both of you for accepting the position of "Governance" with the conviction and passion you both have shown so far.


30th June 2021


An absolutely amazing turn out on Sunday 27th June, it was fantastic to see so many play the game they love!
SDDL strive to bring both fun and competition into the lives of people with disabilities and their carers in a friendly atmosphere.  On sunday we had no less than 9 top England players representing both the world para-darts and world disability darts association organisations, playing alongside one another.
As from August 2020 due to popular demand and the fact people have missed so many meetings due to covid lockdown I'm happy to confirm that SDDL will be trialling fortnightly meetings, with a vue to making it a permanent arrangement if it proves viable, I'll announce all dates for the rest of the year once confirmed with our amazing venue Stockport Lads Club.
A massive thank you to all for helping and staying aware of our covid safety guidelines.
Please note, at future events I will not be allowing entry to the venue until our start time of 1pm, I quite rightly so had my butt kicked by both SDDL governance team and the venue as it's an insurance and health and safety requirement.


24th June 2021


This session is now at capacity following our covid safety guidelines set by both Stockport council and the public health office.
I have spoke to people and sent messages for you to confirm your attendance however some have not replied, and as we are gaining a waiting list these places may be given to others.
As it's a safety issue I absolutely reserve the right to refuse entry to the venue to anyone that has not made a prior arrangement with myself.
Please note if you have made arrangements to attend and do you not attend, this will affect future events under covid guidelines you may wish to be at.
Sorry to be brutal but as always safety comes first.


17th June 2021


Stockport Disability Darts league will be open next on Sunday 27th June!
As what has now become the new norm(hopefully not for long) I need to know who's attending so we dont go above our covid safety guidelines!


21st May 2021


Stockport disability darts league takes its role seriously, that means keeping all of your data in the correct manner.
We are now fully registered with the information commissioner office for compliance with GDPR.



15th May 2021


Fantastic news for ALL!!!
SDDL will be back open on Sunday 30th May!
I'll do a full post during next week to explain how we intend to open regarding venue numbers etc for covid safety, and I'll request names of attendees then!!



10th May 2021


Stockport Disability Darts League have been approached, with the opportunity to get you some boards at a decent price.   Some are used and some are nearly new.
The boards are Unicorn Eclipse Pro's and are £25 each with £5 being donated back to SDDL for our funds.
Please feel free to share this post.
Let me know either here, message or call me on 07512769563




22nd April 2021


All of us Stockport Disability Darts league and Stockport junior darts academy would just like to say a massive thank you to Laura Booth for putting us forward and to Stockport Rotary Club for the £250 funding we will receive in the next week or so.
Thank you so much, the money will be spent improving equipment and opportunities we can offer to people with disabilities and the youth of Stockport and surrounding area!



14th April 2021


Right guys I know you're all chomping at the bit to get back playing darts at the venue, sadly not being able to just yet, isn't for want of us trying!!
And as I understand it, it's not that long now before we can get back to the oches!

I just wanted to share a bit of news with you all that I've received today. So, a major sports organisation has approached us and asked if we would consider being part of a short film, so we shall see how that one plans out!



13th April 2021


Membership cards are all sorted, so as you pay your fee you will now receive a members card!!
Those that I know have paid for 2021 will be posted out to you!


24th March 2021


2021 World ParaDarts Masters
The WDF are delighted to announce that disability darts will be included as a part of the 2021 WDF World Masters, being staged for the first time at the Bonte Wever, Assen in the Netherlands (2-5 December 2021).
This prestigious and historic tournament will relaunch under the banner of the WDF and host the 2021 World ParaDarts Masters.
Further details including format and qualification criteria will be announced by World ParaDarts in the near future.
For more information visit:



12th March 2021


Big thanks to Robbie Green & Mc John Fowler for their donations to SDDL.

Cheers fellas!



23rd February 2021

Stockport disability darts league is pleased to say at long last, on Sunday 25th April we should be able to open.  That said, we are currently awaiting further information from our sources that may mean we could open earlier so please keep an eye open on here for further information!!
Once we know the date for sure, we could even put in extra dates depending upon viability for those who may not of been able to attend during restrictions and other members, and or any disability service groups who may want to offer a day of darts to their service users!
We will be operating our existing covid risk assessments which means we will be implementing restrictions as previously posted about!!
Safety first always!



10th February 20201






4th February 2021


We have not one but two official events or we could tie the two together!!
With a massive thanks to our official exclusive equipment suppliers - Winmau Darts for sponsoring the events, Stockport disability darts league are pleased to announce, our "Clash of abilities and England first festival of disability darts" dates are subject to what's happening with the pandemic but rest assured plenty of notice will be given!
"Clash of Abilities"
This event will hopefully see a number of top darts players, our very own Nathan Aspinall ( The AspūüéĮ) has expressed interest in playing and winmau will speak to "team winmau players"¬† So watch this space!!
"England festival of disability darts"
Will be a fantastic event highlighting as many disabilities as we possibly can and incorporating carers.
More news to follow on these events so keep your eyes peeled



1st January 2021


Wishing you all a safe and happy new year!!
2020 has been a very trying year for us all, however within disability darts we have had a very successful year with everthing we have achieved! From opening a fully accredited JDC youth academy, to being the only disability darts organisation to open and run some events and being nominated as Parasport UK group of the month November in 2020 (nobody can ever take that away from us).
With some amazing news and events being planned for 2021 covid allowing, all that's left for me to do is say, I hope you all have an amazing 2021, but dont forget if you are or do struggle at any point speak to one of us.
All the very best for 2021



24th December 2020


Stockport Disability Darts League and Stockport junior darts academy is proud to announce that we will be partnering up with Reiki Wellbeing by Gary Brown.
Gary has spent many years dealing with the wellbeing sector a provides an amazing service, we have asked gary to come on board with us as we recognise that not all people are happy to open up to people that they know.
Reiki Wellbeing by Gary Brown will provide us all with an independent space, someone anyone of us can talk to, should anyone need it!
Gary comes to us fully DBS checked, fully insured and ready to help anyone of us!
I can personally recommend Gary as I have used his services many times myself and have recommended many people to see him.
Thanks again Gary for jumping onboard with us.
To all of our members, sponsers, supporters, followers and our amazing ambassador Nathan Aspinall I'd like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous and healthy new year!!
From all of us at Stockport disability darts league and Stockport junior darts academy!! Have a great one!!




19th December 2020


So today Stockport Disability Darts league and Stockport Junior Darts Academy have gone digital, all payments can now be made electronically as this will help with lessening the risk of covid being passed on via cash, but will also make our accounting easier, and there's the convenience of being able to use your cards!
Stockport lads club food and drinks will still operate on a cash basis so still bring cash!!!!


13th December 2020


Well what a weekend!! What I think was a spectacular open day of our new junior darts academy, and sddl today!
Over the weekend Eddie and Tom did a great job of fundraising, and we sold some of our stock, £125 from the raffle, £130 from sales and subs, £60 for the sddl table and £22 for darts to be paid less the venue hire.
Dont forget we find out next week about who will be crowned Parasport uk club of the year, so please keep pestering people to vote!!
This weekend has left me shattered, all that's left to do now is the 2 or so hours of packing up so I'll be going back shortly for that then I'm done!!


8th December 2020

Sunday 13th December is now full to our covid-19 capacity.
If I've liked your comment about attending your name is on the list, we have made 2 exceptions for people we know have either been alone and or suffered with their mental health over lockdown.  We have 1 player that may have to cancel so a place may become available,
As there is a waiting list, I will contact people in order they asked to attend should anyone drop out!
It's not our intention to disappoint anyone but we are dealing with covid after all so appolagies if anyone does feel disappointed.


7th December 2020


Ok people, since announcing we have been given permissions to reopen I've been inundated with new member requests and people wanting to attend our meeting on December 13th, which is absolutely amazing and I appreciate all of them.
Due to us being a safe and responsible organisation we have strict risk assessments we have to adhere to during these pandemic times and part of our risk assessments is the number of people in the venue at one time, sadly at this time we can not accomadate everyone as much as we would normally want to, with that said I now have to prioritize and this is how that will work.
Priority will be given to those members who have managed to attend our meeting during lockdown restrictions, then to our members that may not of been able to attend on those dates, if at this point there are still spaces left to fill for the day I will then open those places to new members.
If there is such an amount of old and new members that would make another meeting viable before christmas I might look at that as an option!
Regards to all


4th December 2020

Stockport junior Darts Academy open day & Jdc Introduction, Registration etc . 12.30 till 3pm.
Last meeting till 2021.



26th November 2020


Good evening everyone!!
As you will of seen Stockport Disability Darts League were nominated by parasport uk as Disability group of the month for november 2020, we along with the other 10 groups of the month have the opportunity to become Parasport uk Disability group of the year 2020, this goes out to public vote!!
Now this will come with a few prizes for sddl but, the people who vote for the winning group will then be entered into a further draw to win prizes for yourself!!
Just a heads up to keep an eye open.


16th November 2020


Hell yes, yes we are!! So so proud of sddl and all of our members and our achievements in the last couple of years!! I just want to thank everyone involved with stockport disability darts league, it's you that makes sddl what it is!!
No other organisation can say they have made as many first as we have!!!!
That's, 3 in the bullseye for disability!!!


5th November 2020


So today this happened!
Our ambassador Nathan Aspinall ( The Asp?) called and asked me to go and see him.  All I can say is I'm completely blown away!!
4x Target Corona board lights
1x surround
2 boxes of flights
A box of darts shirts
5 sets of Phil Taylor power 9-zero darts
10 sets of various weights of Target Carrera darts
All this equipment will now complete our original darts board frames (which will now be set to the youth height) and it also means that we can now help both adults or children with or without a disability who may not be able to afford their own sets of darts etc
And not to mention the £750 Nathan already raised for us so we can be internet accessible also!!
Also a massive thankyou to Target Darts for their generosity
From the bottom of my heart and from all of us at SDDL thank you so much Nathan!!



4th November 2020



We are planning to hold a MIXED PAIRS competition for SDDL members.  Get in touch today if you are interested!




28th October 2020


Available now!!
Stockport disability darts league are proud to announce our brand new youth academy!!
Stockport Junior Darts Academy will soon be open for all children aged 8-18 for registration to the junior darts corporation.
Registration forms now available plus we will do an open day/registration day covid allowing in the very near future!!
Let's see if we can find the next Nathan Aspinall, Darryl Fitton or Tony O'Shea!!


27th October 2020


I'm so proud to confirm we have become one of the accredited Junior Darts Corporation Ltd academies.
Our academy is registered to the JDC as Stockport Junior Darts Academy
Massive thanks goes to everyone at the junior darts corporation and of course to Winmau Darts, everyone of our sponsors, supporters and members!!
I'll do a full post with more details once the certificate arrives.


18th October 2020


A big thanks to Connor at CPMedia, who are now part of our sponsors and partners (click here for more info) for making the below video to assist in the promotion of our ever growing organisation!




6th September 2020


A massive congratulations to our very own Tom Snoopy Wilson for hitting his target of £25,000 for prostate cancer!! Outstanding tom!!!


2nd September 2020


If you want to take part in the interview for a disability sports magazine I will need to know by 10pm this evening to pass your details on to the journalist etc!!!!

Yet more great things happening for SDDL!!!!

I've been contacted by a sports magazine journalist, who would be interested in being interviewed regarding being part of SDDL and disability sport for a magazine, I think the interviews will be done via the internet etc



30th August 2020


What a day!!

Well after everything we went through to get back open under the current covid-19 situation I think we absoluteley smashed it out the park!! So thank you to everyone!!

Now we know our measures work I'm so confident for our next dates!!

Could I just ask if you would all be kind enough to please put a review on this page for us, if you did or didn't feel safe, the venue and equipment, how things are run etc good or bad they will all be left for everyone to see!!

Hope you all enjoyed today as much as I have it was brilliant to see our members back on the oches, it was also a great pleasure to see so many new faces!!


Thanks again everyone it's been fantastic!!


30th August 2020


Dates for your diary!! I did tell you great things are happening for SDDL as the fastest growing, totally inclusive of the disability spectrum Darts league!!!!

Planning ahead!!!! (Covid restrictions allowing)

Sunday 11th October

Stockport disability darts league first ever

"Clash of Abilities " disability & carers vs able bodied "

An exhibition to show off the talent of people with disabilities and their carers this event will be filmed and featured on a prestigious organisations website to coincide with November's announcement!!!  
Further details to follow!!!!

The month of November will see a fantastic announcement for SDDL!!!

And December's event as it's our birthday and to celebrate November's announcement, will be the long awaited for, planned since October last year, tried to plan the event for March/April but Coronavirus struck!!

ENGLANDS FIRST EVER and hopefully now a yearly event,
" Festival of Disability Darts " ( date tba )
Players from all disability organisations are invited and welcomed!!

* All events will be played in accordance with SDDL's unique totally inclusive criteria *

Winmau Darts JDC Junior Darts Corporation MADdarts Darts Planet TV Plumb-it Installations Harveyboard Print & Digital Double Trouble Drinks


30th August 2020


We have now reached what I consider a safe number with in our guidelines! Everyone who has contacted me is booked in, however I have left a few spaces open as we have members that are not directly on Facebook and might of heard we are open.

Anybody else that now wants to join us, please contact me directly to discuss the options.

*Can I please ask you all if you are bringing any fruit can you please notify me directly please I have been notified of a severe allergy to some fruit!!*

Also, I fully expect to be visited by the local authorities to check we are complying with Covid-19 guidelines,


28th August 2020


Good evening everyone!!


Just a couple of hiccups ups to deal with but nothing that will stop us from opening on sunday!!!

1) The lads club has been undergoing some works and the contractors haven't been able to complete their works! So, the front car park will only be open to any persons using a wheelchair or mobility scooter! So can everyone else please use the side carpark and door way to enter the venue please as you can see we wouldn't want anyone to have any accidents on the compacted stone surface should any stones become loose!!

2) As a voluntary measure I bought a a disinfectant fog machine, when the machine was tested it was found to have an electrical fault and has had to be returned, another will be dispatched today but is unlikely to arrive in time so it just means I have to pay more attention to wiping surfaces down!!

As I've said in the previous post reopening has not been taken lightly or on a whim, I've put a few contingency plans in place to cover such hiccups ups as the ones mentioned above plus is fabulous news Stockport local restrictions has now been lifted!!


27th August 2020



Click here to read a full statement regarding the re-opening of SDD on facebook!





21st August 2020


? Let's Play Darts!! ?


Stockport Disability Darts League has been informed we can open on Sunday 30th August 2020!
I will confirm times and more information during week

To say I'm over the moon is an understatement! But let's hope the plug doesn't get pulled again!!



18th August 2020


Massive talks going ahead today for us at Stockport Disability Darts League!!

A meeting is being held today in council chambers regarding us reopening,
And talks with a massive organisation regarding our future plans!! ??

Stay posative everyone !!

We are in the driving seat of a total inclusion of the disability spectrum including carers!!




17th August 2020


Following the Covid19 outbreak, the league has been on hold.  But below is some information on dates for 2021 for your diary.


Sunday 28th February
Sunday 28th March
Sunday 25th April
Sunday 30th May
Sunday 27th June
Sunday 25th July
Sunday 29th August
Sunday 26th September
Sunday 31st October
Sunday 28th November
December will be a xmas event, to be announced


Stockport disability darts league specifically pick our dates with you and your budgeting in mind as we are the only organisation that cater for the full spectrum of disability including carers, this has worked so well for the last 3 years!!

* May is the only date that may need to rearranged due to the World Cup of Darts *
* All dates are subject to booking with the Stockport Lads Club*
* Catch up games will only be permitted by prior arrangement and subject to all parties being agreement, there is a minimum amount of days notice to be given,
* If you are medically unwell and other restrictions do apply and will be announced at our next meeting *

As always we can not be held responsible should any of our associates or other organisations you might play darts for book the same dates as listed above!

Regards, Ben


14th August 2020




* UPDATE!! *


Two weeks of stress and emails!

Stockport Disability Darts League is good to go!!

Public health England ✅
Public health North West‚úÖ
Stockport Council Environmental Health‚úÖ
Fully insured for both public and employers liability‚úÖ
Full stock of masks, sanitizers, soaps, aprons and more‚úÖ

So I think we will roll with our original date of SUNDAY AUGUST 30TH

? I WILL PUBLISH OUR PROTOCOL for the event next week I'm having a well deserved couple of days break from the paperwork!



25th January 2020


Dates for your diary!!

Here's the dates for the whole of 2020! Where we can we will try and get some extra competition in between!

Sunday 01st march
Sunday 29th march
Sunday 26th April
Sunday 31st may
Sunday 28th June
Sunday 26th July
Sunday 30th August
Sunday 27th September
Sunday 25th October
Sunday 29th November

I've provisionally booked 27th December but that's open to discussion!!

All events will run 1-5pm at Stockport lads club





19th November 2019


Meeting Dates Change


The meeting on the 24th has now been changed to SUNDAY 1st December 2019.   There will also be an xmas get together on November 29th 2019.  Times and Venue remain unchanged.



2nd November 2019


Meeting Dates


The next meeting for Stockport Disability Darts details are below


Date:  November 24th 2019 (now changed, see above)

Times - 1pm-5pm

Venue - Stockport Lads Club - Hempshaw Lane, Stockport SK1 4NT




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